Friday, May 4, 2012

Music does not always sooth the savage beast...

I admit it- I was a pretty big classical music geek in grade school.  I took piano for like 12 years. I have a good appreciation for the classics.
I claim this mostly because I also have a sick love of a good bit of pop music, so I feel it gives me a little street credit.
Anyways, I like classic music. In my nerdier times I am all about turning to NPR, or making a classic station on Pandora. 
However, it seems that when my anxiety is the worst classical music agitates me.  Which is NO GOOD.  Namely because we have this very sweet older woman who plays NPR on her radio. Her radio, which is turned up so she....and others... can hear it.  Sometimes it seriously sounds like a creepy background music for some horror flick.
"So, they make these things... mp3 players, iPods, internet radio...".
Yea... see... sometimes, ok... many times I forget to charge my iPod.  And I can't carry my laptop around the lab with me trying to blast out NPR.
Sometimes, honestly, I just want some damn quiet. 
Mostly though I just get tired of feeling like I am working in a horror movie and waiting on the killer to sneak up behind me to slash my throat.
I blame Hollywood for using too many classic tracks as killer theme music.
Thanks boys.

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