Thursday, May 9, 2013

Can't sleep, future will eat me...

While it is sad that QoW isn't an active strip, this last panel is very fitting.  It pretty accurately describes the anxiety I life with every day.
Ok, well usually I don't have all my shit together.
For example, if I'm not properly drugged up on sleepy meds I will wake up- for whatever reason, rolling over, my husband snoring, the cat using me as a pillow- and then my brain just goes nuclear melt down.  I start worrying about everything.  What I'm going to do tomorrow, what lectures I will give my future, currently non-existant children about anything, how I'm going to die from cancer because my period is late.  I have gotten to where I am probably on the verge of being labeled a hypochondriac.  I go to the doctor when any little thing might be wrong.  I have a new mole on my hand, my period is weirder than normal, or whatever else is plaguing my mind.  While being in grad school SUCKS, one of the perks is the free office visits at the University Quack Shack. Any testing they do isn't free, but even my grad insurance has been pretty good so I've never lost much out of pocket. So I go, and point to my new mole or spaz out about how my period (which has never been regular) is now SUPER irregular and the doctors, thankfully, explain that I'm most likely not dying of cancer, that everything is normal, and I probably shouldn't worry- but if I still am worried then they order tests or make referrals.
Which reminds me... I really should go see a dermatologist about this mole...
Well, now that I've made a doctors appointment, and not even for the mole, I guess I'll get back to work. 

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